Pets of Past and Present

Dogman Kitty


Dogman is my beloved gray and black companion. She gives me company when I spend the day inside, and calls for me when I'm out. I adore her. Being the runt of the litter, she's rather small, thin, and boney. Her ears are large triangles on top of her head, which twitch about at any noise. Below that, her large green eyes are always drinking in her surroundings-- or searching for me --when they're not shut. Her tail is average length for her little body. She's a beautiful feline, who loves to spend time around me. If I leave my room (her favorite lounge spot), she's quick to yell for me, usually coming out to come get me. She follows me around like this all of the time, and I believe she may have some slight seperation anxiety. Nonetheless, I find it rather sweet. She usually appears when I call her, and will visit me for pets several times throughout the day if I'm home. Her sister was Halfta, whom she liked to start play-fights with. Dogman has quite the fiesty side. She's one of the prettiest felines I have owned. Mayhaps, you'll see her face on shirts in time.

Halfta "Half 'n' Half" Tipitina


Halfta was a black calico, the largest of her litter. Her face was perfectly divided into black/orange, earning herself the nickname "Half 'n' Half". Polar opposite to her sister Dogman in size, her legs were so long that she had to drag them behind her as a kitten. Her body was a little lengthy and slighyly less thin than Dogman's, a perfectly healthy cat until the end. Her eyes shone a yellow color. When she wasn't instigating play-fights, she was actually a rather gentle and shy feline. She had her preference in people, and hardly came around to visit me. When she did, though, I would make certain not to drive her away. She was rather shy, despite having sharp claws to make use of. Some of her other siblings were named Choco, Ellie, and Peaches. There may have been one more, but we only took her and Dogman home when a family friend's cat got pregnant. It is speculated that she died of a urinary tract infection, but the details could not be confirmed. She lived a short but admirable life, and her corpse resides in the burial patch with Werewolf and Vogel now. Whether she has already reincarnated or moved on to do other things remains a mystery.

Oreol Gotto


Oreol is a tuxedo cat with a tiny bit of weight on him, a full belly that's not too large, but shows that he's well-fed. One of his most unique features is the white teardrop-shaped spot on his chin.He appears to be fully grown, and was already neutered (without his ear clipped) upon discovery. We first encountered him in front of the church, following passer-bys. He was much lighter then and rather sweet, letting me scoop him up into my arms and carry him down the street to our home. Originally, we mistook him for a female cat, intending for him to be Werewolf's partner. That wasn't the case. Instead, Werewolf originally detested the idea of sharing his quarters with the stranger, just as Roxx had done to him. They came around to playing eventually, and then lounging about once they were comfortable enough with each other. Once Werewolf went he assumed head of the house, but he tends to spend more time outside than in. At times, he'll ask to go in and out several times over, getting bites of food each time he comes in. What he does out there is unknown. What I do know, however, is that he likes to perch atop cars, play with his friend Bob (A black cat with a short tail), and enjoys the cold. On colder nights, he's outside longer. I think it's good for him to get so much time out.

Werewolf Kitty


Werewolf was a gray and black, persain shorthaired tabby cat. His ears were small and his face looked smushed, or scruntched up. It was simply how his species was structured. My mother found him one early morning in the middle of the road. He was so gray that she could not tell what exactly he was. Yet, she still scooped him up and carried him home, saving him form potentially being struck by a vehicle. He was rather small then, and never grew to be very long. He was a bit small, mayhaps because of his species, and his tail was rather short compared to the regular feline's. We never had the chance to get him neutered, and actually intended for him to carry out his bloodline, but that was before we realized Oreol was male too.